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How to make a camping site? – 1st phase and The best camp in Serbia – 2nd phase

The project is divided in two phases. The 1st phase – training and workshops for local communities should to initiate and to expand small and medium entrepreneurship and employability in Serbia through dissemination of knowledge on starting a new business based on camping accommodation. Later, in the 2nd phase – selection of the best camp in Serbia and study visit to Croatia, the real situation of the Camping Tourism in Serbia has scanned and the best camp has selected, as example of good practice and improvement of the practical knowledge and experience in the Camping management.


  • Increasing of the sustainability of local entrepreneurs and local society’s awareness of entrepreneurship in camping;
  • Strengthening of private-public-CSO partnerships;
  • Getting insight into real situation of the Camping Tourism in Serbia;
  • Improvement of the knowledge and experience in the Camping management;
  • Promotion of camping as a lifestyle, camping guides and clean environment.


  • Implemented training in field of planning and managing the camp in starting up the business „Camping tourism – investment in the future“ for the representatives of 8 municipalities;
  • Implemented promotion of sustainable business in camping tourism and implemented training for 69 representatives of municipalities, local entrepreneurs and business investors, media, CSOs;
  • Cooperation among tourist organization, representatives of municipalities and local entrepreneurs;
  • 16 Camping sites  visited in order to scan and get insight into the real situation of Camping Tourism in Serbia;
  • Improved practical knowledge in the Camping management, Study visit to Croatia (visited 8 camping sites).

Camping Association of Serbia with its partner, CEFE Association of Serbia, implemented this project from May 2010 to October 2010, through GTZ Program for Economic Development and Employment Promotion.