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Eco-camping – guidelines of sustainable development of Fruška Gora National park – Eco-camp Fruska gora

The aim of the project is to improve the quality level of Serbian tourist offer trough promotion of eco-camping tourism and education on sustainable development of tourism, and establishing a pilot eco-camp in the Fruska Gora National Park (FGNP).


  • Increasing the quality level of tourist offer trough development of Serbian eco-camping offers, promotion of eco-camping tourism in Serbia and eco-camping offers;
  • Improvement of knowledge and skills in the area of sustainable development of the tourism and management;
  • Encouragement to establish and develop eco-camps in protected nature sites in Serbia.


  • improved knowledge and skills in the area of sustainable development of the tourism for more than 50 representatives managers and tourist workers in the FGNP;
  • successful realization of 5 seminars on sustainable development of tourism;
  • established the first eco-camp in Serbia on Strazilovo location-FGNP (built sanitary object, reception, ground is cleared for a camp set-up, park furniture and accessories are set-up,  needed infrastructure established;
  • developed the Marketing strategy for tourism development of eco-camp  Strazilovo, the Business plan for eco-camp  Fruska gora and the Visitors’ management plan in FGNP;
  • eco-camping tourism successfully promoted trough internet promotion, public relations and printed materials on eco-camp  Strazilovo, successfully realized preparations and development of visual identity, promotional catalogue with integral offer in the eco-camp, and useful maps with the location and photos of the eco-camp.

Camping Association of Serbia and its partner, Fruska Gora National Park, implemented this project from September 2011 to October 2012, having great support from Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development – Sector for Tourism, and Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs.