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Camping tourism – great opportunity for Serbia


In some countries of Europe camping tourism makes up to 25 percent of total revenue from tourism while in Serbia is almost undetectable even though potentials of this type of tourism are enormous, said the president of the Camping Association of Serbia (CAS) Vladimir Đumić in his statement to the Beta news agency.

According to him, the potential for development of camping in Serbia are immeasurable especially along the corridor, on the shores of the lake, the mountains, as well as spas where currently there are no camping sites, while in Hungary each spa has a camping site. He pointed out that the great advantage of Serbia is the Danube River, which is ideal for development of camping.

The most frequent guests in the Serbian camping sites, according to the president of CAS, are from Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and approximately half of them have their own trailers.

“Serbia has, in this moment, something unique, that does not exist anywhere else, camping within rural households. It is our unique tourist product that combines camping and rural tourism in one, with a focus on healthy food and rural village life. We have the best score for that” said Đumić.

The full text you can read on the website of the news agency Beta or portal B92.