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CAS history

Kroz svoj rad KAS je posvećen zaštiti životne sredine i održivom razvoju.

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KAMPING ASSOCIATION OF SERBIA (CAS) was founded in 2005 as the holder of a complete camping offer in Serbia. The basic mission of KAS is the development of camping potential in Serbia by creating opportunities for building new camps, refreshing and revitalizing existing camps, initiating the development of local communities through the cooperation of local self-government, entrepreneurship and the non-governmental sector.

Kamping asocijacija

CAS as a provider of complete campingoffer in Serbia

Through its work, CAS is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development. Thanks to the developed international activity, the Camping Association of Serbia became a full member of the European Federation of Camping Organizations and Holiday Parks – EFCO & HPA (www.efcohpa.eu) in 2007.

One of the priority goals of the Camping Association of Serbia is the development of eco-camping, which is mainly related to protected natural resources, and in accordance with this, a new camping brand – eco-camping – has been built.


Also, the Camping Association of Serbia has so far worked intensively on promoting new camping investments and organized field study visits on the occasion of the presentation of camps in our country.

Posetite Srbiju

From the very beginning, the Camping Association cooperates with European and international camping tour operators, as well as with numerous development carriers in our country: republican and provincial institutions, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, protected properties, tourist organizations, travel agencies, media, international institutions.

Since its establishment, the Camping Association of Serbia has achieved the following results

A database of camping offers in Serbia has been created

A web portal was created in Serbian and English with the complete camping offer of Serbia (www.camping.rs).

Promotional activities were carried out with performances at specialized camping fairs and international fairs in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Berlin, Milan, Vienna, Madrid, Paris, Utrecht, at the Danube Conference in Ulm, as well as international cooperation within EFCO&HPA

Several destination projects were implemented in the field of camping development, education and raising awareness of the importance of camping services, all with the aim of increasing camping capacity and promoting Serbia as a new camping destination.

For the first time in the history of Serbia, the General Assembly of EFCO & HPA was held in Belgrade in March 2009.

Annual editions of the camping brochure were created in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Serbia, which is one of the most requested brochures at all European fairs (it has been printed continuously since 2007 with a total circulation of tens of thousands of copies in 3 languages – Serbian, English, German).

Through a project developed in cooperation with the Dutch organization Stidit, in 2008, the first modern management plan of Fruška gora NP, a visitor management plan, was created, and for the first time in Serbia, an eco camp was created near Stražilovo. This was and remains the only eco camp in our country, and it is certainly the only camp within a National Park.

At the initiative of the Camping Association of Serbia, the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development adopted a new Rulebook for the standardization and categorization of campsites, which is in line with European standards in this area.

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