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Camping association of Serbia

Camping association Serbia

Serbia, as a destination of exceptional natural features, can host campers on the banks of large and small rivers and lakes, but also in village orchards, on beautiful colorful and “edible” meadows, hills, hillsides, next to ponds and swamps, large and old forests, on sand, in the mountains.


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A new holiday experience! – camping as a lifestyle, camping as a friend of nature. Visit Serbia and camp with us. We don’t have 4- and 5-star campsites, but we are decorated with a camping atmosphere and experience that is memorable and reminds us all of such a valuable, natural combination – the combination of man and nature.


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View the offer of campsites on the website of the Camping Association of Serbia. In addition to campsites, you can also see campsites and camping rest areas.



"Cyclo Camp Vinograd" offers you accommodation in special handmade "Viking" tents. Is located in the small village Slankamenacki vinogradi, on EuroVelo6 cycling route, along the Danube river, just 30km from Novi Sad and 70km from Belgrade. It's a perfect stop with a...



Camping car center is located next to the national road Lazarevac – Arandjelovac. After one kilometer from the center of Darosava towards Arandjelovac, you will see a large advertisement for the motorsport museum and the Perišić camping center. The center itself is...



Camping Apatin is located in the direct vicinity of the Danube, 100 m from the famous Danube cycle path, running from Germany all the way to the Black Sea. It is 8 km from the town of Apatin. There are ample opportunities for walking, fishing, boating (boats can be...

Why CAS?

What do we offerto our members?

Camping tourism in Serbia is still in its infancy compared to the rest of Western Europe. However, the number of camps is constantly growing, year after year, and after 8 years of existence of CAS, this increasingly popular form of travel around the world is becoming a topic in domestic tourist traffic as well.

Camp development

It enables the development of small, family camps with exceptional quality of service and maximum camping atmosphere. These are campsites – mini-camps in orchards, next to vineyards, on the edges of forests, in rural areas, related to rural tourism and agricultural farms, remote wild areas; Capacity up to 30 camping places

Eco camps

Enables the development of Eco Camps – camping rest areas on the edge of protected nature reserves (NP, nature parks…) – with a capacity of up to 30 camping places

Development of campsites within medical complexes

It enables the development of campsites within the spa-treatment complexes and their connection to spa services – for seniors – with a capacity of up to 30 camping places.

Luxury camps

Enables the development of larger luxury camps within well-known tourist destinations (*** and ****) and enables the development of special forms of small “floating” camps on large rivers

Transit camps

Enables the development of transit camps – campsites – along important and major roads, at the entrances to cities on corridors 7 and 10 (Subotica, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Paraćin, Niš, Vranje) – with a capacity of up to 30 places

Camping lots

Enables the development of campsites (camping parking lots, parking lots) in large city centers – directly connected to the parking service in larger cities – specially secured camping plots during the summer season and during major events (festivals, concerts) – capacity of up to 15 camping plots

Camping association of Serbia A place for campers in Serbia

The development of camping potential in Serbia through the creation of opportunities for the construction of new camps, the revitalization of existing camps, the initiation of the development of local communities through the cooperation of local self-government, entrepreneurship and NGOs.




+381 11 3248 577


I am Maisie! I am 21 from England (smiley)
I started to travel 5 months ago by flying to Spain, and then somehow travelling now through 14 countries bringing me to Serbia by foot, trains, buses and i recently started to hitchhike!
I have volounteered in many different places in different ways, renovation, campsites, farms. You name it (smiley)
Most of my trip has been in the balkans and eastern europe as i love the difference of the people to my own country, the nature everywhere, the kindess of strangers!
And today i hitchhiked from Zlatar lake, and found myself here at this campsite! Greeted by the friendliest of faces from Branca and Anna and we spoke laughed and learnt a little of each other!
What a beautiful place to be here, i am really so grateful to be able to have such amazing experiences in my life and meet such amazing people. I love this place and Serbia deeply (smiley)
Enjoy your life!

Serbia by foot!

Kamp Viljamovka je jedno od najljepših mjesta gdje smo kampovali za sve ove godine. Ljubazni domaćini, fantastična hrana ovih krajeva i priroda od koje zastaje dah, šta više čovjeku kamperu treba?! Rado ćemo i sljedeće godine Viljamovku staviti na našu mapu.

Ljeto na Tari!

Camping in Serbia is just that “old” experience we forgot in Germany. Small and not crowded campsites, beautiful and generous people, gorgeous nature and landscapes for photo shooting all day long. And food, yes, amazing and great taste food. We are going to continue to explore Serbien campsites and beautiful wild and untouched nature.

Conrad from Germany



The basic mission of KAS is the development of camping potential in Serbia by creating opportunities for building new camps, refreshing and revitalizing existing camps, initiating the development of local communities through the cooperation of local self-government, entrepreneurship and the non-governmental sector.

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