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Creation and promotion of environmental standards for camping capacities

in special areas of conservation and natural environment in the Republic of Serbia

Implementation of this project implied meeting its general and specific objectives i.e. improvement of environmental protection through development of environmental standards, focusing especially on standards of waste disposal as a general objective and the following specific objectives:

  • Creating and promotion of environmental standards for camping capacities;
  • Analysis of the current situation and possibilities of implementation of environmental standards on camping sites;
  • Raising awareness of importance of environmental standards implementation on camping sites;
  • Promotion of developed environmental standards through: participation, brochures, posters, leaflets and Internet campaign (social networks).

The results:

  • Successful analysis of the current conditions,
  • Successful creation of environmental standards for camping capacities,
  • Creation and distribution of 500 brochures,
  • Creation and distribution of 1000 leaflets,
  • Creation and distribution of 300 posters.
  • Successful internet campaign and promotion on three environment portals and on Facebook

Project, led by CAS, was implemented from August till December 2011. with a support from Fruska gora National park an d Ministry of environment, mining and spatial planning.