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Camping tourism development – guideline of environmental sustainability in Fruska Gora National park

Overall objectives of the project were to raise awareness on environment protection and pollution issues in the community of Fruska gora region; to educate about European standards on environment protection, recycling of the garbage and energy consumption; to initiate local municipalities representatives as well as local entrepreneurs to start thinking about creating a sustainable business by connecting camping tourism with environment protection, as well to promote eco tourism possibilities in Fruska gora region – eco camping platform . These objectives have been achieved by setting more specific aims: creating a working group consisted of local authorities and decision makers, NGOs’ representatives, National Park’s and other relevant nature protection institutions’ management, representatives of CAS and BYU to deal with the issues of sustainable environmental development and camping tourism; gathering representatives from relevant target groups in order to initiate further dialogue about development perspectives; convincing local inhabitants, entrepreneurs, local government, nature preservation institutions and media to work together in order to create a positive climate for the environmental and local community development; creating the promotional material for the local awareness raising campaign.

The most important result was defining potential camping locations in Fruska gora region, re-established cooperation amongst Fruska gora’s municipalities itself, as well as the cooperation between Public company NP Fruska gora, municipalities, NGO sector and institutions. Second important result concerns raised awareness among municipalities and institutional representatives about importance of eco tourism possibilities – eco camping services, undertaking environmental related activities, and on the other hand with raised awareness among inhabitants about environmental protection issues related to Fruska Gora National Park.

Camping Association of Serbia, together with its partners: National park Fruska gora and NGO Balkan Urban Movement, implemented this project through MATRA Knip programme from April 2008 to September 2008.