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Press Conference “ECOTOURISM DEVELOPMENT in Nature Protected Areas of Lower Danube Region”

ECOTOURISM DEVELOPMENT in Nature Protected Areas of Lower Danube Region


We hereby invite you to presentation of the Guidelines and results of the project “Ecotourism Development in Nature Protected Areas of Lower Danube Region”, realized by Camping Association of Serbia and supported by the Danube Competence Center (DCC www.danubecc.org) and German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZwww.giz.de).

The presentation starts at 12:30h on June 27th. Before that, the round table will be organized in order to review the opportunities for developing ecotourism programs in the Danube region in accordance with Danube Strategy and within collaboration with the management of protected areas. Cocktail and informal gathering will be organized after the presentation.

WHEN: Thursday, June 27th at 12:30h
WHERE: Tourism Organisation of Serbia, 8 Cika Ljubina st., Belgrade

  • Leaflet and publication “Guidelines for Ecotourism Development in Nature Protected Areas”
  • Ecotourism as key driver of sustainable tourism development in the Region
  • The Danube Strategy – Perspectives for future development and cooperation in the Region

Camping Association of Serbia