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Mapping of Serbia in search for attractive new camping sites

This project is based on the fact that Serbia has unexploited tourist potentials and attractive destinations that campers have not had chance to use but that may significantly contribute to development of camping as well as tourism in general.

The main objective of the project is preparation of Programme of Camping Development as a Tourism Product as well as determining 10 most attractive locations for development of new camping sites in Serbia that would meet the needs and requirements of modern campers by their general features as well as by their geographic and technical characteristics.

Beside responsibility for selection of most suitable locations and strategic determinants as a base for camping development with respect to principles of sustainable tourism development and market‑caused requirements, preparation of the Programme of Camping Development as a Tourism Product represents a plan which integrates analytical, strategic, and project specification of camping development as a product in most important tourist destinations in Serbia.

Download the brochure in .pdf HERE.