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Touristic products in Fruska Gora Danube Region created

As a part of the project “Sustainable tourism development in FGDR”, two touristic products development trainings are delivered.

Products for rural and ecotourism were developed. Participants of these trainings were representatives of touristic offer in the region who earlier passed capacity building trainings,as well as representatives of touristic agencies and local touristic organizations. During the trainings participants had the opportunity to found out about the elements of touristic products, their characteristics and attributes as well as with the process of creating touristic products. Before defining basic touristic products and programms for FGDR they also did the competitive analysis for the potentials of the region.

Results of the work during the trainings will be available in the following period at tourist fairs in the country and Europe. Visitors who are interested in Fruska Gora and this part of Danube region next year will have the opportunity to try thus created touristic offer.