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Ecotourism Development in Nature Protected Areas of Lower Danube Region

Download material:

Leaflet – Ecotourism development – Croatian-German version

Leaflet – Ecotourism development – Serbian-English version

Brochure – Guidelines for Ecotourism Development in Nature Protected Areas – Serbian-English-German version

Within the project “Ecotourism Development in Nature Protected Areas of Lower Danube Region”, implemented by Camping Association of Serbia (CAS, www.camping.rs) with the support of the Danube Competence Center (DCC, www.danubecc.org) and the GIZ (GIZ, www.giz.de) held a round table with the following topics:

  • Leaflet and publication “Guidelines for Ecotourism Development in Nature Protected Areas”
  • Ecotourism as key driver of sustainable tourism development in the Region
  • The Danube Strategy – Perspectives for future development and cooperation in the Region

The main conclusions of the roundtable, attended by representatives of the site managers (NP Fruska Gora Vojvodinašume – SRP Koviljsko – Petrovaradin and Rit Bagremara SRP, SRP Great War Island), representatives of GIZ, WildSerbia, DCC, TO Golubac, EcoDev and CAS are:

– The development of ecotourism creates the preconditions for sustainable development of the region through the activities of local economic development, which observes the principle of environmental protection;

– A wealth of natural, cultural and historical value is considerable potential for the development of ecotourism offer of Protected Areas in the Lower Danube region;

– Network of protagonists of ecotourism, associations and individual initiatives, as well as unique and common approach to donors and stakeholders will provide the basis for further development of ecotourism products in the Danube region.

As one of the results of the round table is initiative to launch, in the coming weeks, action towards the creation of a network of organizations involved in eco-tourism, which would be preceded by the future federation or association in order to seriously affect the formation of the general conditions for the development of eco-tourism in Serbia in general.

Upon completion the round table was followed by a press conference at the premises of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, which presented instructions and guidelines for the development of eco-tourism, as well as conclusions and initiatives arising from the roundtable.