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First eco campsite in Serbia is growing

Dear campers,
We proudly announce that in this moment, first eco campsite in Serbia is growing.



On the terrace of the Pannonian Plain, on the slopes of Fruska gora, you’ll soon be able to sleep under the open sky.

Construction of the first camping site in Serbia, which is located in a national park is a part of a larger project which is implemented with the aim of improving the capacity of NP Fruška gora, in cooperation of JP NP Fruška gora and organizations from the Netherlands and Serbia, AMECO and STIDIT from Utrecht and BUM and Camping Association of Serbia, from Belgrade. Construction if the campsite was also supported by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia.

Besides being the first in many ways, this camping site will differ from others in that it is in its preparation and construction applied to the minimalist concept – which is less investment and lower the impact on nature for the sake of greater enjoyment of nature.

At this time, the campsite has done work on the establishment of plumbing and electrical installations, as well as establishing a central gravel road for access to camping vehicles. Complete furniture and playground are set by the NP Fruška gora.

We expect that it will soon begin work on the construction of the sanitary facility (4 showers, 4 toilets, 4 sinks), which represent the final phase of the camping site. We hope that by the end of the summer camping site will be fully functional.

This campsite is modest, but comfortable and tucked away in a beautiful forest, surrounded by Strazilovo creek and the road to the famous resort Stražilovo.

In its initial phase this eco-camping will meet the minimum of technical requirements, while the later capacities will be increased, but all in accordance with the environmental concept of the camp and without significant environmental impact. The plan is that, in the spirit of ecology, the campsite will use various renewable energy sources. So the plan for the first season is to put the solar panels above the toilet, which would be used to heat water.

For all true nature lover, this campsite will be a favorite destination. Anyone wanting to take their pet will not have to worry, because in campsite Fruska gora pets will be allowed.

The nearby nature reserve allows campers a variety of sports and recreational activities. The possibilities offered by the National Park, and cultural and tourist attractions of this area, campers can find in the Information Center of the National Park, at Iriski venac.

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