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Info Day in Beocin under LAG FGDR

On 28th of January in Beocin, an Info Day has been organized under the common initiative of 4 municipalities from this Region to establish LAG FGDR.

The meeting in Beocin was addressed to rural and development of agriculture and 30 representatives were participated, coming from all 3 sectors: local authorities – Beocin Municipality (LED Office, municipal representatives) and representatives, both from business and civil sectors. The audience was active showing interest in subjects related to sustainable development and instruments to obtain it on regional level through LAG and availability of EU funds in next 5 years in Republic of Serbia. Beside citizens from Beocin, the official representatives from Sid Municipality were present at the meeting.

One brief meeting was held in front of Info Day, hosted by Deputy Local Meyer of Beocin Municipality, Mrs. Snezana Danicic with her associates. Open and friendly discussion took place at the meeting, concerning information about previous activities in realization of initiative of establishment LAG Fruska Gora-Danube. Dear guests, officials from Sid Municipality, Mrs. Zeljka jaric from municipal LED Office and Mr. Ronko Papuga, Head of Administration of Sid Municipality have expressed their interest and willingness to join the initiative in front of their Municipality and their appreciation of necessity to support and encourage cooperation of all stakeholders in the matter of attraction of direct investments within the Region. The meeting was attended also, by Coordinator of Working Group Dejan Gluvacevic.

Now, if Working Group accepts participation of Sid Municipality, this becomes an initiative of 5 municipalities from Fruska Gora-Danube Region.

The introduction at the meeting was given by Local Meyer of Beocin Municipality, Mr. Milan Sodic. The Info Day was covered by local TV station and interview with Coordinator of Working Group Dejan Gluvacevic was made.