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Mirocka voda

The “Miročka voda” (“The Water of Miroč”) is situated in Brza Palanka, on the very Danube shore, 300km away from Belgrade. The campsite can be reached via E-70 motorway to Paraćin and then following the regional road Paraćin – Zaječar – Negotin  – Brza Palanka. Another way of reaching the campsite is the Đerdap main road, Beograd – Kladovo – Brza Palanka. The campsite has capacities for 80 camping units for tents and caravans, as well as 4 bungalows.  The campsite has a beautiful position overlooking the Danube – the lake of Đerdap and Miroč mountain and it is rich with recreational contents on the sand beach. It is the favourite resort for fishing and mountaneering fans. During the stay in this campsite, campers can visit the archaeological locality “Egeta”, visit the caves and go on hiking routes. A festival “Summer in Brza Palanka” is a special attraction on this campsite, and it is held every year in June, July and August.

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Lokacija: Brza Palanka
Adresa: Negotinski put bb 19323 Brza Palanka
Početak sezone: 1.4.
Kraj sezone: 31.10.
Površina: 2.5ha
Telefon: + 381 19 801 290
Faks: + 381 19 801 604
Mobilni: +381 63 417 497
Email: mirockavoda@gmail.com
Web: http://www.kladovo.org.rs