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Camping area “Enigma” is located within the sports and recreation center in village Kupinince, 2km south from Vranje and the road E-75, corridor 10.It is a small transit camping site, located away from urban areas of Vranje and main roads which implies vacation in absolutely peaceful, natural environment.In addition to attractive location mini camping site includes extra facilities such as: outdoor swimming pools, garden restaurant, balloon sports hall and arranged green and floral areas.
It is particularly suitable for bikers and cyclists who can sleep in an individual tents and on the artificial grass in the balloon hall as well.
Camping site includes:

  •     water and electricity suply for all vehicles
  •     possibility for water exchange, toilet cleaning
  •     sanitary facilities with showers
  •     possibility for dish washing
  •     washing machine
  •     garden restaurant
  •     specially arranged room for watching TV and socializing

Camping site offers the highest level of security: 24-hour security guard service coverage, video surveillance. The whole area is closed and locked in the evening and during the night. For all those who want to discover the sights and natural beauties of nine centuries old city we offer organized visits to:

  • Vranje town, specially the birth house of Bora Stankovic, of the greates writers of the Serbian realism
  • Vlasina lake, lake unique in the World by floating islands. It is located on 1213m altitude and is among the highest and largest artificial lakes in Serbia with a pleasant climate and rose of winds.
  • Monastery St. Prohor Pcinjski – built up by Byzantine emperor Roman Diogenes in the 11th Century

– Horgoš (Hungarian border) – 530 km
– Batrovci (Croatian border) – 450 km
– Belgrade – 340 km
– Preševo (Macedonian border) – 40 km
– Gevgelija (Greek border) – 210 km
– Thesalloniki – 280 km
– Athens – 750 km


Lokacija: Vranje
Adresa: Kupinince bb, Vranje
Početak sezone: 01. 04.
Kraj sezone: 31. 10.
Površina: ha
Telefon: +381 63 8399367; +381 69 766 788
Faks: +381 17 401403
Mobilni: +381 69 2519970
Email: enigmakamp@gmail.com
Web: http://www.enigmacamping.com