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Improvement and promotion of camping capacities in Republic of Serbia on the national and international tourist market

This project was implemented from February 2007 to January 2008 in Serbia and at tourism fairs in Berlin, Milan and Madrid.

Objectives of the action:

  • Promotion of the Serbia camping locations on domestic and international market;
  • Improvement of camping sites in Serbia and Potisje region;
  • Field Scanning and creation of the database of camping sites in Serbia;
  • Creation of the Web presentation and the first camping brochure;
  • Appearance at international camping market – Serbia and International fairs

During this project Camping Association of Serbia participated, through cooperation with The Ministry of economy and regional Development – Sector for tourism and National Tourism Organization of Serbia, at the biggest tourism fairs in Europe (Berlin, Milan, Madrid) where camping offer in Serbia was presented for the first time (the first camping brochure in Serbia).