Take part in research within the project “Door Out to more Sport for all”

If you are a young person from Serbia, Croatia or North Macedonia we would like to invite you to take part in the short online research that has the goal to determine what are youth preferences when engaging in sports and physical activities and how are they changing today. By […]


Sustainable Tourism Development in Fruska Gora Danube Region

The overall objective of this project is to create preconditions for sustainable socio-economic development of Fruska Gora Danube Region (FGDR) by improving tourism related infrastructure and enhancing tourism related services based on natural, cultural and historic values of the region. Specific objectives are to strengthen the managerial and innovative capacity […]

Camping potentials of Serbia

Mapping of Serbia in search for attractive new camping sites

This project is based on the fact that Serbia has unexploited tourist potentials and attractive destinations that campers have not had chance to use but that may significantly contribute to development of camping as well as tourism in general. The main objective of the project is preparation of Programme of […]


Ecotourism Development in Nature Protected Areas of Lower Danube Region

Main objective of the project reflects need for strengthening capacities for ecotourism development through sustainable tourism services and products in Lower Danube Region. In order to find a way for sustainable and efficient use of natural values in the Region various stakeholders such as nature protected area, ministries, local authorities tourism […]

eco camping Fruska gora, Serbia

Eco-camping – guidelines of sustainable development of Fruška Gora National park – Eco-camp Fruska gora

The aim of the project is to improve the quality level of Serbian tourist offer trough promotion of eco-camping tourism and education on sustainable development of tourism, and establishing a pilot eco-camp in the Fruska Gora National Park (FGNP). Objectives: Increasing the quality level of tourist offer trough development of […]

Public involvement and cooperation as a precondition for nature conservation in Serbia

Public involvement and cooperation as a precondition for nature conservation in Serbia

The project aims to ensure that important Serbian nature values are maintained and at the same time new socio-economic possibilities for the region will be developed, i.e. to ensure public involvement in nature conservation in Serbia by building capacity of civil society as well of local authorities and park administrations. […]


Creation and promotion of environmental standards for camping capacities

in special areas of conservation and natural environment in the Republic of Serbia Implementation of this project implied meeting its general and specific objectives i.e. improvement of environmental protection through development of environmental standards, focusing especially on standards of waste disposal as a general objective and the following specific objectives: […]


How to make a camping site? – 1st phase and The best camp in Serbia – 2nd phase

The project is divided in two phases. The 1st phase – training and workshops for local communities should to initiate and to expand small and medium entrepreneurship and employability in Serbia through dissemination of knowledge on starting a new business based on camping accommodation. Later, in the 2nd phase – […]